Creative State, Global City: Creative Industries Taskforce Report

The Creative Industries Taskforce has presented its report to the Victorian Government to inform the development of the state’s first creative industries strategy.

Entitled Creative State, Global City, the report outlines the significance and potential of Victoria’s creative industries and their current strengths and challenges. It articulates an aspiration for Victoria to be a creative state, and Melbourne a truly global as well as liveable city.

Drawing on contributions from almost 10,000 members of Victoria’s cultural and creative industries and the broader public, as well as extensive research into local and international models, it proposes a series of initiatives to realise this aspiration.

The report predominantly takes a state-wide, whole-of-ecosystem approach, rather than focusing on specific artforms or disciplines. It recommends five areas of focus:

  1. Backing creative talent by creating more opportunities to produce and present great work.
  2. Strengthening the creative industries ecology by building capacity and unlocking opportunities to reach audiences.
  3. Delivering wider economic and social benefits through the application of creativity and using Creative Victoria as a force for collaboration.
  4. Increasing participation in and access to culture and creativity by setting high standards for education, access and public events and broadly promoting the value of art and creativity.
  5. Building international engagement by positioning creative industries in the economic mainstream in addition to their already recognised cultural role.

In total, the Taskforce proposes 42 initiatives addressing these five focus areas as well as an approach to governance and implementation.

The Victorian Government will now consider each of these initiatives as it develops Victoria’s first creative industries strategy.

Creative Industries Taskforce Report Handover