Delivering wider economic and social benefits through the application of creativity and using Creative Victoria as a force for collaboration.

The Taskforce recommends the following actions to grow the economic and social value of the cultural and creative industries through their wider application.

Initiative 22.

Use Government’s power as a purchaser to provide leadership on the application of cultural and creative services within Government. More broadly the Taskforce recommends including, and increasing awareness of, creative industries as part of the Government’s Victorian Industry Participation Policy.

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Initiative 23.

Establish a program that brokers and seeds opportunities for Government departments to experiment with Victoria’s creative services, such as using music to improve health outcomes; game technology to engage at-risk students in education; visualisation capabilities to make transport data accessible to computers; or art programs to improve justice outcomes. Creative Victoria could draw on the United States Small Business Innovative Research Program to assist with designing an appropriate program structure.

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Initiative 24.

Identify, quantify and publicise the status and benefits of Victoria’s cultural and creative industries, including a benefits analysis of services used by Government. Provide a template to guide local government in quantifying the economic and social value and impact of cultural activities. Provide an annual or biannual update.

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Initiative 25.

Re-energise the role of the Victorian Government Architect in advising Government to help deliver on Victoria’s Creative State aspirations and to protect and strengthen claims to liveability. This would include partnering with local councils and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning to capture greater cultural benefits from private development, for example through more dynamic and flexible development, securing spaces for creative and community use, and for the installation of public art.

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Initiative 26.

Draw on Victoria’s design strengths through a new design strategy with a dual focus on design sector development and its application across the State. This should involve stronger embedding of design in business, improving pathways from design education to careers, building stronger business and community awareness and promoting Victoria’s design credentials.

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