To build momentum in these areas, the Taskforce proposes new governance arrangements that will bring appropriate urgency and expertise to the tasks. The Taskforce recommends the Government:

Initiative 1.

Establish a Creative Industries Council (CIC) for a fixed period (two to three years) to oversee and advise on the investigation and implementation of further strategic work. The council would contain an appropriate mix of

experienced, innovative and respected members to meet on a regular basis. It would need to convene separate working groups to look at four or five nominated action areas, reflecting the skills and specialisation needed in each case. Initially, it is thought the CIC could investigate and make recommendations to the Minister that include:

• A statewide festivals strategy

• A cultural and creative education in schools plan, to complement the Education State initiative launched in September 2015

• A new strategy and set of initiatives in design

• Facilitating access to finance for creative projects/ businesses.

Working groups could be supported by a Creative Victoria secretariat, including the means to develop business cases and other recommendations where necessary. The working groups could meet around three or four times over a period of six months and make recommendations to the Minister via the CIC.

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Initiative 2.

Put in place a framework for public reporting of progress in implementation of its strategy and actions on an annual basis.

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