The content below helped to inform the Creative Strategy Consultation process. This process has now closed, however we are now taking feedback on the Creative Strategy Taskforce Report.

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Discussion Paper submissions closed at 5.00pm, Friday 17 July 2015.

This Discussion Paper was posted to elicit input into how Victoria’s creative and cultural industries can best be positioned to grow and contribute to our future, and how to best foster the state’s creative ecology.

The Discussion Paper:

  • Defines the creative and cultural industries and describes their contribution to Victoria’s cultural, social and economic life;
  • Outlines the challenges, opportunities and competitive advantages for Victoria’s creative and cultural industries; and
  • Identifies a set of themes that respond to these challenges and opportunities.

The themes are open and wide-ranging, as is the lens through which we are considering the creative and cultural industries.

How, for example, do we best foster the individuals and organisations within the creative industries? How do we ensure that their creativity ripples through the rest of the economy and across society?

All submissions and contributions received through this process will be carefully considered by the Creative Industries Taskforce and Expert Reference Group, who will develop a draft strategy for the Minister’s consideration later in the year.

The themes

Thank you

Thank you for your contribution.

Your views, ideas and aspirations will help shape the future of Victoria’s creative and cultural industries.

Discussion Paper submissions closed at 5.00pm, Friday 17 July 2015.

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